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With us, YOU ARE the BOSS !!!

" With us, You are the boss...!!! "
We capture your precious Memories...
From the beginning of your day, to the last good-by ...
" With us, we never forget, this is your video...!!! " 
We offer:

Cinematic Videography for all occasions

  " From a Wedding Video to a TV commercial. " 
  " From a Music Video to a Corporate Event coverage. "
Some  additional  services  we  offer are:


Single or Multi-Camera professional videography.


VHS, Hi-8, Mini-DV, 3/4" tape transfers to DVD.


Video Projection services w/ 8ft front/rear screen.


Sound system or Public Address /w DJ services.


Digital, 35mm and 120mm-format photography.


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  In all of our video coverages, we concentrate on using the highest quality direct sound techniques.

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We also offer duplication from VHS, Betamax, Hi-8, Mini-DV and 3/4" (U-Matic) videotape transfers to DVD. In addition to transfers from; 8 mm, Super 8 mm, 16 and Super 16 film transfers to DVD. Plus, we offer a service where you can add sound (music or voice) to accompany your original film, via DVD. In addition we provide Video Projection. Which can be useful in Wedding receptions to Funerals/Memorial services. "A Day in the Life of" or "A Memorandum of" can used in a repast gathering. We also specialize Love Story presentations and Same day ceremony edits for Wedding receptions.
A/B Video Productions

A/B video productions, specializes in providing the highest, quality, state-of-the-Art techniques, in all of our video coverages and productions. We offer all services under the production spectrum. From concept to completion. From a dream to the TV screen. We provide personalized services, such as; Audio, Video, Production, s, Professional, Services, in, SD, HD, Wedding, Video, Coverage, s, VHS, DVD, CD, Videography, Montages, Single, Multi,-, Camera, Love, Story, Same, Day, Edit, Presentations, Videotape, Tape, Non, Linear ,Editing, Services, Conversions, Duplication, Direct, Printing, and, or, Labeling, Power, Point, Development, Projection, Audio, Video, Photography, Photograph, 35mm, 120mm, Digital, DJ, Services, Live, Band, Solo, &, Duet, Trio, Performances,Def, Definition, Standard, High, Definition, Recorded, Coverage, Montages, Projection, Conversion, Color, Correction, Points, Duplication, Labeling, Direct, Print, Power, Point, Development, Sound, Reinforcement, PA, Amp, Photography, 35mm, 2, ¼, 120mm, Film, Digital, Card, Coffey, Album, Birthday, Corporate, Corp, Company, Private, Party, School, Anniversary, Auditions, Bar, Bat, Mitzvah, Birthday, Business, Seminars,  Lecturers, College, Lecturers, TV, Commercials, Conventions, Conference, Demonstration, Orientation, Law, Depositions, Educational, Fashion, Show, Birth,, Day, Funeral, Conception, Insurance, Live, Event, Show, Medical, Records, Music, Party, Product, Marketing, Reunions, Religious, Service, Church, Sporting, Event, Legal, Videograms, Trade, Show, Television, Program, Documentaries, Computer, Animation, DVD, Authoring, High, Definition, P-2, Editing, PAL, B, M, SECAM, NTSC, Videotape, Transfers, to. American, Standard, TV, From, Concept, to, Completion, From, a, Dream, to, the, TV, Screen,", plus Air, TV, Checks

We provide service all of
Culer City, Los Angeles, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes Peninsula, Malibu, Long Beach, Van Nuys, Burbank, Glendale, Downtown, Whitter, Compton, and most surrounding cities in all of Southern California. We also offer video production services, to the remote western cities,and states such as. Sacramento, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Nevada, Arizona...