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" We capture all of your Precious Memories. "

" From a Music Video to a Corporate Event,
plus, to a

Cinematic Wedding Video to a TV commercial. "

Affordable Cinematic Wedding Videography always comes from, AB Video Productions

7:00a.m. - 8:00p.m. M - Fri 7:00a.m.-2:00p.m. Saturday and Sunday Please Please, Call First - Hours May Vary

" With Us, we never forget this is your video... ! ! !

Some  additional  services  we  offer,  are:

Single or Multi-Camera professional videography.
 VCR tapes, VHS, Hi-8, Mini-DV, 3/4", BetaCam &
BetaMAX to DVD and/or Blu-Ray.
to DVD and/or Blu-Ray...
Audio Cassette, DAT, ADAT & 1/4" Open-Reel.
Digitize a videotape for Uploading to YouTube, Viemo or other.

Video Projection services w/ 8ft front/rear screen.
Sound system or Public Address /w DJ services.
Digital, 35mm and 120mm-format photography.

We provide Professional Cinematic Wedding Videography  !!!

In all of our single or multi-camera video coverage's,
we specialize in obtaining a direct line feed,
for clearest, high quality sound.
On every video coverage, we give all of our clients,
the option of using there own soundtracks to give
their video a personal preference...

At A/B Video,

Professional Wedding Videography, is our speciaity, with a focus on obtaining a cinematic wedding videography look.

Or, we will be happy to follow your requested shooting style...

" From the Beginning of your Special Day,

continuing through-out to
The last, late evenings, final ,good-bye. "